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About Greg

Greg was born and raised in the suburbs of Overland Park, Kansas. From a very young age, he knew that his biggest interest lied in music. At the age of 5, he began to take piano lessons. Four years later, he discovered other instruments such as the guitar and trumpet. In high school he began to explore other means of musicality and ran over the notion of audio engineering and DJing. He soon became fascinated by how music is made and recorded. Greg always strived to hone in on his craft and make his musical ideas come to life.

At the age of 18, Greg was signed to his first indie label out of Tampa Bay Florida. He then formed a DJ duo with a high school friend, Loren. Greg decided to leave his DJ career at the age of 20 to attend an audio engineering school, the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. Immediately post graduation, he moved to LA where his journey began. His first internship with film composer Klaus Badelt, whose biggest credits are Pirates Of The Caribbean and Gladiator, confirmed that his future career is destined to be in music.

He then met music producer, Anthony Marinelli, who he still works very closely with today. With Anthony, Greg began to engineer and eventually arrange and help produce songs. In collaboration with Anthony, he has helped develop a live show, BollyDoll, which was originally started by Amrita Sen and Timbaland. Aside from BollyDoll, Greg has had the opportunity to work on various commercials for companies such as Jaguar and Google’s 23 and Me.

Greg has also worked and collaborated with other various artists, musicians, and editors. He worked closely with music editor Clint Bennett and touched on the art of sound editing. With Clint, Greg has work on TV shows, such as New Girl, and movies such as The Mortal Instruments. Another notable project was working as an assistant to Mark Foster from “Foster the People” on a film called “Little Boy.”